Havana Syndrome: Medical, Scientific and Policy Perspectives Virtual Conference

Dec 20, 2021

Save the date – February 10, 2022

JAMES GIORDANO, PH.D. Chair of Psychiatry & Psychology  Mayo Clinic , Professor, Department of Neurology Georgetown University Medical Center  Washington, D.C., will be one of the key note speakers at UT Southwestern Medical Center Department of Psychiatry and Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute’s Havana Syndrome: Medical,   Scientific and Policy Perspectives Virtual Conference. 

Havana Syndrome is a descriptive condition involving a large cluster of U.S. government diplomats and family members affected by symptoms similar to PPPD, vestibular migraine, TBI, brain fog, headaches, hearing loss, and tinnitus. 

The UT Southwestern conference is the first and most comprehensive symposium from a medical/scientific perspective and includes distinguished speakers from the health policy world, U.S. government, media, and victim advocacy. The symposium will highlight the critical role of clinical and basic science research in understanding and treating victims of Havana Syndrome and other similar syndromes, and spotlight the importance of public-private partnerships between U.S. government entities and academic medical centers in addressing complex, 21st-century biomedical challenges.