Manassas, VA, May 8, 2024

Dr. James Giordano, Executive Director of the Institute for Biodefense Research named Senior Ethical Legal Societal and Social Issues (ELSI) Subject Matter Expert for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Triage Challenge.  

The Institute for Biodefense Research is pleased to announce that its Executive Director, Dr. James Giordano, has been named Senior Ethical Legal Societal and Social Issues (ELSI) subject matter expert for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Triage Challenge.  

The Challenge, a three-year effort focused on inspiring “development of scalable, timely, and accurate capture of novel injury signatures to enhance triage decision-making in austere, complex, and mass-casualty settings,” Particular interest is placed on mass casualty incidents (MCI) for both civilian and military needs, especially for events where medical resources are very limited and the need is great.

Open to global respondents, the competition also seeks to increase diversity, versatility, cost-effectiveness and multipurposed technologies and systems to address the wide range of MCI demands.

Dr. Giordano will leverage his extensive experience in emerging technologies to provide insight, lead and participate in ELSI brainstorming sessions and mediate discussion panels presenting to competitors, government support teams, and DARPA staff.

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